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Counseling Department


To schedule a meeting with your student's counselor, please contact the Counseling office secretary at 928-502-5014 for an appointment.


Three ways to request assistance from your counselor in order of preference:

1.  Email him/her if you have a quick question that does not require a meeting with the counselor face-to-face.

2.  Sign up to see him/her by using the CLICK TO CONTACT link near the photo.   Then your counselor will send for you at their convenience during the school day.  Please give your counselor 1 - 3 days to coordinate this meeting.  

3.  If there is an URGENT concern, students may check with the counseling secretary for assistance by stopping by the office or calling 928-502-5014.

Mary Lynn Coleman on blue crim head background.
Mary Lynn Coleman

Counseling Director

(Last Names: M-Z)
Visit Request

Cristal Ramirez on blue crim background.
Cristal Ramirez

Administrative Secretary


Brenda Smith on blue crim head background.
Brenda Smith

Dropout Prevention Specialist


Olivia Porchas on blue crim head background.
Olivia Porchas

Social Worker