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Lockdown Descriptions


A shelter-in-place means there could be a potential threat in the area, but no immediate danger on campus. This procedure is for addressing the need to provide refuge for students, staff and visitors within the school building during an emergency. Possible situations that would cause a shelter-in-place are: suspicious persons or activity close to the school, neighborhood violence, power outage, or hazardous spills. Exterior gates are locked, guests are not permitted on campus and no one is permitted to leave campus. However, classes typically continue as regularly scheduled and classroom windows are left uncovered.


A lockdown means there is a potential or immediate threat on campus. Possible situations that would cause a lockdown are: possible intruder on campus, hostage on or near campus, drive-by shooting, or weapon on campus. The procedure during a lockdown includes locking classroom doors, covering windows, moving all persons away from windows and doors during a situation involving dangerous intruders, or other incidents that may result in harm to persons inside the school building.